Monday, December 15, 2008

It's almost Christmas

And I am desperately trying to get my newsletter and calendar out before then. I have to say - they look great! I am still doing a double sided one page newsletter for now, in color. I always include a coupon, and try to keep it upbeat and informative. This year my calendar features beautiful homes. They're provided by a company called trueIMAGE Publishing, a local company who specializes in calendars with unique photography. One thing that struck me as I paged through though, is that most of the homes have naked windows!! That's been an ongoing discussion in our drapery world - how so few of the beautifully photographed homes have window coverings. So many could be enhanced by the addition of gorgeous drapes, roman shades, valances, or any of a wide variety of soft window coverings. We have work to do! and lots of it, even in an economy that is faltering.
So as we enter this holiday season, I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year. May you receive all you need once again in the New Year, that you may prosper and live long.