Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bellingham beauty

I've had the opportunity to travel this week, and it's given me a bit of time for reflection. What a beautiful autumn we have experienced in Whatcom County! The colors have been gorgeous, more radiant than I've seen in years, mornings have been crisp warming to pleasant sunny days... This is the first soccer season we've experienced that every Saturday - game day - has been dry. There are so many interesting places to explore too, whether in Bellingham itself or around the county in hidden areas near Glacier, or the beaches of Birch Bay. It's sometimes hard to balance the demands of work with time out to enjoy the wonders of creation. I'm thankful that in an economy in flux I've stayed busier than ever. Yep, Thanksgiving must be around the corner....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Onward automation!

Yes, I am continuing in my quest to automate my processes at a client's home or business. I purchased a wireless printer a few weeks ago. My 5 pound wonder connects to my tablet PC using Bluetooth technology, and is cordless and very portable.
Now I can take a digital photo, transfer it to my tablet PC, and then begin designing on that photo using DreamDraper software. Preliminary designs can be printed out at the client's home at the first sales call already if I so desire. Once I get back to the office I can scan the chosen fabric into my PC and import it into the designs, then continue working with the software to complete the finished designs.
Hard window coverings - even easier! Quickbooks estimates and invoices are printed at the client's home immediately, along with receipts for payment. I am trying to eliminate paperwork and processes; no more handwritten quotes. I can even link wirelessly to various suppliers and use their sites to provide the quote; ordering then is one-click to change a quote to an order.
And what will I do with all the time I free up? Hmm, more time to sell, more time to play... Because don't we all want to work smarter, not harder?