Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week's end

It's a glorious Saturday morning, and here I am in front of the computer again. I guess I shouldn't complain, since I am entering orders and visa charges, but this would not top my list of favorite things to do on a Saturday. It is amazing just how much paperwork a small business generates and how detail oriented you have to be in this business. All the more reason to eliminate steps by purchasing that wireless printer and generating Quickbooks invoices at the client's already.
Today I am tasking myself to read some of my favorite business publications though - the Bellingham Business Journal and Window Fashions magazine. And maybe a little online perusing to see what's new in the trade.... until the kids and grandkids come over! And then it's playtime!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm in love with trim

I have to admit, here in the Pacific Northwest I have not designed many window fashions with trim. My rationale was that PNW home design just doesn't lend itself to adding bullion, tassels and expensive tiebacks. Plus I live in a corner of the country filled with staunch pennysavers, where price is often an issue. Adding trim adds to cost... so no trim.
I'm changing my tune, thanks to one set of clients in particular. They believe the more trim the better, and as a result I've designed some delightful cornices bedecked with scallops and gorgeous Fabricut beaded trims, braids and medallions.
That led me onward to designing drapes, valances and cornices for a show display and then, my own home, using Ado's new line of coordinating fabrics and trim, which are showstopping but really reasonably priced.
I love trim, and I really like clients who love trim!

Web 2.0 for window fashions

Hard to believe two years have passed almost to the day since I first conceived of blogging. And then did nothing. Since then, I've continued on my merry window covering ways, designing, selling and installing more blinds, shades, drapes, valances and cornices.... but not blogging. And what have I been missing? It's a whole new world out here. Two years ago I wrote about the technophobia in our industry. Well, I haven't contributed much to advancing the cause. I've been designing on my tablet at client's homes, but I haven't linked my Listo laser measure (a Godsend!) to the tablet.... Time to get serious. Eliminate the paper, automate processes, blog more...
Truly, Edwards Drapery & Interiors is a work in process. And I'm thankful for it!