Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clients and Christmastime Thankfulness

These past few years clients have received a personalized calendar from me as a thank you, one of the beautiful calendars created by trueIMAGE Publishing. And a letter, most of which you'll see here.

At the end of another year, I’m reflecting on the blessings of this past year and the years that have gone before. In my almost eight years of doing business, I have met so many wonderful clients, you included. Many of you have invited me into your homes not just once, but on multiple occasions, and even multiple homes!

I’m not always as faithful or as quick as I should be in sending out thank-you cards after I’ve fulfilled your window covering needs; this personalized calendar is a small token of appreciation for the trust you have placed in me.

This past year has been a busy one for me. In addition to providing many of you with beautiful window treatments, I was one of 11 designers from across the US who was chosen to create beautiful window coverings for the Vignettes shown at the International Window Coverings Expo in Atlanta, GA last May. I became a Hunter Douglas Certified Professional Dealer after completing many hours of on-line courses, one of only five in Washington State. Recently, I also became a Somfy Motorization Expert; this on-going education is all part of my desire to provide you with the best and most knowledgeable customer service in the window covering industry in Whatcom and surrounding counties.

This next year promises to be an exciting one. The first sale of the season will be Hunter Douglas’ Energy Efficient Window Fashions Sale which runs from February 1 - April 15, 2010. Other manufacturers are sure to follow. If you would like timely notice of sales and other specials, please email me to be put on the ezine list. Look too for new developments and products in the window coverings industry and upgraded safety features for problematic window treatments.

I am also offering a $25 Referral Thank You – if a new client mentions that you referred me to the client, you’ll receive your choice of a gift card as a token of my appreciation.

Truly, you have blessed me in years past, and this year again. Thank you for your trust, and your business.

I wish you and your families a joyous Christmas season and a blessed New Year.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Broken Hands and Other Blessings

How many of you carry boxes of window coverings or other things that are too heavy for you, or too bulky, or just too awkward? I think we've all been there!

Thanksgiving is over and done. I'd meant to post a Blessings blog but in the busyness of the weekend, it simply didn't happen. But after yesterday, it became even more apparent that I needed to stop and count my blessings.

Yesterday a new order of shades came in. It needed to be moved to the garage but really was too heavy and awkward for me. I picked it up anyway, quickly strode through the house to the garage, opened the heavy garage door while balancing the 7 foot long box (see, I can do this after all!), and promptly slid off the first step, catching myself by landing on my right hand. What an application of "Pride comes before a fall!"

Wow, did that hurt!!! I looked at my hand, then gingerly flexed it. It worked! Blessing! Then I looked again - what was that white spot in the blood blister that was forming on my swelling fingers? Think! What did I need to do? Years of mom experience kicked in. I eased my rings off, grabbed an ice pack and took some ibuprofen then called my doctor.

I'm giving thanks for our healthcare system. Within the hour my doctor saw my hand, sent me off for x-rays, and shortly thereafter gave me the good news - no broken bones! Bruising, swelling, soreness, but nothing broken!

So today I'm pausing to reflect on blessings. The blessings of family and great times together with them last weekend, the blessings of a Marine son who could briefly come home and reconnect with us, the blessings of general good health, work I love, the blessings of friends and this great country, and above all the blessing of a Heavenly Father who provides and cares for us and who loves us.

And what a blessing to have a hand that isn't broken! Lesson learned - ask for help!

Full steam ahead - carefully!