Monday, November 29, 2010

Food, Fun and Freebies!

It's time to celebrate! At this time of year it's a good time to show some appreciation for the wonderful clients I have met over the last 8 years and for those in my supporting community. 

Please join my husband and myself as we showcase beautiful window fashions by Edwards Drapery & Interiors as well as gorgeous watercolor artwork by Victoria Wickell. 

Enter to win: a free Springs Window Fashion window covering, a custom pillow provided by Kasmir Fabrics, Woods Coffee gift cards and more
  • Sample delicious appetizers and baking as well as hot drinks
  • Peruse the sample books and fabrics from companies such as Hunter Douglas, Springs Window Fashions, Kasmir Fabrics, Ado and Kirsch.
  • Check out the overstock and sample sale. 
  • Have your window covering and drapery hardware questions answered.
And, best of all, if you book an appointment at the Open House you will receive a 10% discount on all window coverings purchases.

We're looking forward to seeing you
on Friday, Dec. 3rd, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. or Dec. 4th, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m 
at our home, 3455 Alm Rd., Everson. 
Click here for a map.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

I'm looking forward to tomorrow - Thanksgiving Day! And what better way to get in the mood than by completing a task I had been putting off for a while - handwriting "thank you" cards to clients whose projects were recently completed. I try to do this every few weeks to express appreciation for business received.

It was wonderful to reflect on the wonderful people I met in the last few weeks and months again. With some clients, our interaction was brief: a short sales call then a return appointment to install blinds or shades. With other clients there was a more lengthy relationship: a series of meetings spread over weeks or even months choosing fabrics, linings and trim to create the perfect custom drapes, sheers, valances or cornices. Yet, invariably, my clients were great! And I am thankful for every one of them.

So much to be thankful for: the talent of the workrooms that take my designs and recreate them in fabric; the very experienced installer who can install anything then dress it for that final perfect touch; the suppliers who get it right more often than not in these difficult economic times; my supportive family. Above all thankfulness to our amazing God.

And now, onward! There are pies to bake, a house to clean, candles to light. The family is coming home for Thanksgiving! I'm thankful.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Save Energy - and Money with the Energy Tax Credit!

It's hard to believe that the energy tax credit is going to be gone very soon! There are clients who will be kicking themselves that they did not take advantage of this credit of up to $1500.

Hunter Douglas' Duette Architella shades are the only window fashions right now that qualify for this credit.  They are the most energy efficient cell shade on the market, helping you save money on your heating or air conditioning bill by creating a barrier between the cold or the heat outside.

The rules of the game: the shades must be purchased and installed before Dec. 31, 2010. Hunter Douglas is also offering a $25 per Duette rebate until the middle of December to sweeten the pot. Call 360-966-4142 if you would still like to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! 

Monday, November 01, 2010

Shining Eyes

Last week a friend forwarded a video link to me. I don't usually click on them, especially if they are 20 minutes long. There simply aren't enough hours in the day. This time, trusting the friend's good sense, I clicked.
What a treat it was to hear Benjamin Zander on music and passion. It's well worth spending the time to view this clip which speaks of so much more than music.

Conductor and pianist Benjamin Zander spoke of his passion for classical music . One day he was struck by the realization that his role as the conductor of an orchestra is to awaken possibilities in other people, to wordlessly transmit his passion to others. How does he know if he has accomplished what he set out to do? He said, "If their eyes are shining, you know you are doing it."

How do we approach life and our various roles? Are we passionate about awakening possibilities in others, in whatever role we play in their lives?  Do we desire to transmit our passion to others in such a way that they too learn and grow and enjoy?

I had the joy of seeing this firsthand yesterday. My passion for color and texture and fabric was translated into beautiful wood rods and pleated drape panels which we installed in my clients' home. As the clients viewed the finished result, our collaborative vision caused shining eyes - a project which surpassed the clients' expectations.

How many shining eyes do you have around you?