Thursday, April 29, 2010

COM - to do or not to do?

It presents a quandary: A client you've worked with for years has stumbled upon a bedcover she just loves, buys it, along with ready made drapes and pillow shams. Then comes the phone call: "Please, can you use this to make window treatments for my bedroom?"

This is not something I usually do, or even like to do. Neither does the workroom. But for this client we made an exception and created a bright, pretty room. The pillow shams became cornices, too-short drape panels were lengthened with the addition of a coordinating fabric, and beaded trim was added to tiebacks and cornices. Once again, a happy client. Now onward to the master bathroom!


Ceil Petrucelli said...

It's not something I like to do, either. However, I am finding that more & more clients, both higher end as well as "budget" are asking me to help them remake, reuse, repurpose, or recycle existing items as well as buying ready-made bedding, drapes, pillows, etc. and asking me to help them find coordinating fabrics, trims, and accessories for a more custom look. I think it's a sign of the times and we, as professionals, need to be flexible and adapt.
Ceil Petrucelli
Ceil Petrucelli Interiors & The House Therapist
Bennington, VT

Anne Lubner Designs said...

I agree, because it's challenging to coordinate with ready mades as more often than not the exact colors are unique to that set. It's not nearly as hard to coordinate with custom products and I've done that a few times with great success. Ceil, very true it's a sign of the times and we need to be flexible. It's also true that sometimes adapting existing or ready-made treatments can actually cost more than starting from scratch with a designer!