Friday, July 02, 2010

Spa Delights!

I spent a wonderful day a few weeks ago being deliciously pampered at the Chrysalis Inn & Spa in Bellingham, WA.

Earlier in the year, I was blessed to be able to provide the Spa with beautiful mossy green chenille floor to ceiling drapes for one of their treatment rooms. The purpose of the drape was to ensure a tranquil experience for the Spa's many clients, thus the drape was lined and interlined for the greatest sound absorption. Suspended from a contemporary stainless steel rod and running the length of the room, the drapes provided a soft and luxurious backdrop.

The glimpses I had of the Spa enchanted! I knew I had to return to sample its delights.

One cool spring morning, my daughters and daughter-in-law accompanied me for some decadent pampering. It began with slipping into luxurious robes in a well-appointed and softly fragranced change room. We decided to forgo the sauna, and were guided to comfortable chairs in the Spa's relaxation room. The attentive spa attendant provided us with beverages, and over the next hours we quietly chatted and gazed at the contemplative gardens while receiving spa pedicures. When the pedicures were complete, we weren't ready to leave! As a Spa lunch was available, we opted to kick back for a while longer and were treated to beautifully presented and delicious meals. As we reluctantly walked through the doors of the Inn to our vehicles, we agreed it had been a wonderful experience and vowed to return.

My thanks to Alan Richard, whose FaceBook status today was: the major expense of today's woman: Nail Salons!!! It brought back memories of a wonderful day spent at the Chrysalis Spa. Hmm, I think I'll book another appointment...

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