Thursday, July 01, 2010


I am not a morning person. Let me be very clear about that. Yet, for the past three years, I have been getting up at the unspeakably early hour of 6 a.m. and heading to Bellingham.

Why? Connections.

Not just because of the connections I have made, or will make, but because of Connections. That's the name of the business networking group of which I am a member. I pulled some info from the website to explain a little about Connections...

A Step Beyond Networking
Would you like to expand your business presence in the community? Would you like to be part of a group of service providers with confidence in the quality of their products or services? Connections operates on the premise that if there is trust, business will follow.
Members are committed to providing clients with dependable, local, quality service. We promote each other's success by providing a weekly forum for sharing ideas, referrals, street talk and giving individual presentations. In addition, we offer joint marketing and social activities throughout the year to build the relationships upon which trust is founded.

We're a  widely diverse group, ranging in age from early twenties to mid-seventies, with businesses across the alphabetical spectrum, from ACN to Hamsterpuncture to Zervas Group Architecture. We're united by the desire to help each other succeed.

I've learned so much from fellow members; been mentored, and been a mentor; shared in triumphs and tragedies; laughed a lot! And oh yes, along the way, I've passed on leads and received many, as we helped each others' businesses to thrive and grow. I truly have been blessed by the connections I've made at Connections.

And every Thursday morning at 6 a.m., when I blearily rub my eyes and roll out of bed, I really don't mind at all.

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