Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 1 IWCE - Infonars Abound

I'm sitting in my first class, FutureVision: Interior Design in the Year 2020 taught by Susan Schultz. What an apt way to begin Vision 10! I'm so intent on her ideas that I just startled the person sitting ahead of my by knocking my water over and splashing her. Oops! Susan's outlining changing trends, forcing us to face up to the reality that as design professionals we need to change as well. She led us through IT changes, changing demographics, changing user values, changing values toward money. She illustrated her points with photos, graphs and a design hierarchy of needs. The pyramidical hierarchy flows from wellbeing to ergonomics to origins to pleasure to other needs such as emotional needs, self-fulfillment, spirituality and connection to others. We are facilitating experiential purchasing because it represents money better spent and greater happiness for the purchasers and for others. These purchases produce more happiness regardless of the amount spent or the income of the consumer, and lead to greater long-term satisfaction.

My head's spinning with facts and figures and pondering how to apply this to my own window coverings company. Great food for thought! .

"It's a whole new world and you ignore it at your own risk" Paige Rense

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