Friday, May 14, 2010

Super Infonars by Gillian Wendel

Imagineering our window fashions was the focus of Gillian's first seminar of the day. She wowed us with photos of beautiful window fashions that illustrated the Seven Basic Principles of Design. Gillian showed examples of designs taken to a whole new height by using hardware in non-conventional ways and thinking outside of the box. She encouraged us to incorporate ideas from the home furnishings, fashion industry, all kinds of catalogs in our window fashion designs. One particularly inspiring idea was Susan Kostelecky's pink tulle slip-covered chair for a girls' bedroom that was inspired by bridal fashions, detailed with lacing.

We moved into an infonar on Design and Proportion, which had us thinking mathematically using the Proportional Scale wheel and the Golden Ruler, measurements based on phi and extensively found in nature. Think of the beauty of the nautilus shell as a perfect example. Thanks to Anne Lubner I had my Starbucks espresso so I could be mentally alert for this one!  Gillian had us thinking about designing in a way that is pleasing to the eye and the math behind it.

I have learned so much this morning again! The International Window Coverings Expo truly is giving me a vision for the coming year.


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